Amigo - A film by John Sayles

Ronnie Lazaro


Simón is the leader of the local guerilla force, father of Eloy, and brother of Rafael Dacanay.

Ronnie Lazaro is one of the most admired character actors in the Philippines. His performances have set a standard for anguish, notably in Raymond Red’s Palme D’Or winning short, Anino, where Ronnie plays the destitute photographer. He has been nominated 9 times for Best Supporting Actor and twice for Best Actor (Ebolusyon and Boatman).

In 2009 he won the Gawad Urian for Best Actor for the portrayal of a troubled father in the multi-award winner Yanggaw directed by Richard Somes.  He has appeared in several foreign films, including French, Japanese and American productions. Lazaro was recognized with the Dove Award for his work in the soap opera Kamada, and for Ana Luna.  He recently worked on the 10-hour saga, director Lav Diaz’s Heremias, which screened at the 23rd Turin Film Festival.

Outside of his work as an actor, he has worked as a Production Designer (Manila by Night/City After Dark by Ishmael Bernal), and as a director and producer in the theater. He taught acting workshops at De La Salle and Anteneo Universities in Manila. Lazaro is also an accomplished photographer, whose work has been shown in the Museo de Cárcel Real and at the Museo Perez Commendador, Leroux.